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Welcome to Brookside Lofts... 

Comfort and Convenience Await! 

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Welcome to Brookside Lofts Apartments.  Our recently remodeled 2-bedroom apartments offer great comfort! How would you like to thrive in the epitome of convenient and affordable living in our open floor
plan style apartments, nestled in the outskirts of Salt Lake City? 

The fully equipped kitchen includes a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and electric range, making meal preparation a breeze.

We also include, for your comfort and convenience an in home washer and dryer.

At Brookside Lofts, we offer flexible lease lengths to accommodate your needs. Each home comes with a storage unit that helps keep seasonal items from taking up extra space.

With seamless transitions from the airy living area to the desirable open style kitchen, every area creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Brookside lofts is located in North Salt Lake. These spacious 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartments offer a comfortable and convenient living experience close to the freeway to go north or south.

With high-speed internet, you can stay connected and work from the comfort of your own home.

This family owned  apartment complex is a place where you can live comfortably. Experience the comfort and convenience of our apartment community in North Salt Lake.

Here you can easily calculate dimensions for furniture, interior accessories, and living, with precise measurements of each living space inside your home, making it easier for you decide.

Dimensional Floor Plan

Each unit is spacious, with a full-size kitchen, two bedrooms, and a very comfortable living area.

Designed for comfort seekers, these tranquil spaces offer ample room.

Let me show you...

Stainless Steel


Well Lit


Full Bath

With Tub

Full Size 



        + Dryer

Full Size 


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Your Space. Your Style: Discover the Ideal 2-Bedroom Apartment Today!

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